Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Contoh Soal Pronoun

Contoh Soal Definite & Indefinite Pronoun :
1.       This is … bicycle.
a.       Rudy’s                  b. him                   c. he                      d. Rudy
2.       Aunt Tina has a new car. The Grey car over there is …
a.       Her                         b. hers                  c. she                    d. she’s
3.       Susi’s uncle is carrying a bag.  … is going to the office.
a.       She                        b. his                     c. he                      d. him
4.       When Rini and I were in the yard, father called …
a.       Us                           b. they                  c. their                  d. we
5.       A : The weather is hot in Surabaya. Which shirt do you need?
B : I need the thin …
a.       One                       b. once                 c. one’s                                d. ones
6.       This test is not difficult, … can do it.
a.       No one                 b. one                   c. anybody          d. noboby
7.       I have a pen friend in Canada. We have been waiting to … since last year.
a.       Some other        b. other                                c. each other      d. another
8.       I have a book. This is … book
a.       Your                       b. my                     c. his                      d. her
9.       Look, that is Ekajaya! … is my classmate.
a.       She                        b. I                          c. You                    d. He
10.   Tino is a student and Budi is too. … are SMP student.
a.       We                         b. they                  c. you                    d. you and I
11.   Look at the picture. … is a black board.
a.       This                        b. that                   c. these                                d. those
12.   I don’t like this shirt. Give me … one, please.
a.       Other                    b. others              c. another           d. the other
13.   I came to Ani’s house last night. I knocked the door, but there was no answer. I think there wasn’t any body there. I am sure there was … at home.
a.       Everyone             b. anyone            c. someone        d. no one
14.   Mr. Ismail is their history teacher. He teaches … very well.
a.       Them                    b. us                      c. me                     d. him
15.   Tony and I have many books. These books are …
a.       Theirs                    b. his                     c. yours                                d. ours
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  1. Sodara, Ijin kopas buat latihan adek saya ya, saya cantumin kredit kok. thank you.

  2. mohon kopas buat latihan ulangan besok.

  3. mana kunci jawaban nye,klo gak ada begini kayak mana saya mau mengoreksi kerjaan saya,BUKAN MAU NYONTEK YA!!